Clothing is vital to humanity. It is the basic necessity for every human. The article prime job is to cover your body. But it’s a contemporary design which is the fusion of lot of designs and colors. They are inspired from different past culture and antique civilization. Nowadays with the increase awareness from social media want the women. Women now have the ample variety. There are several fabrics which are now available in women. There are several different colorful clothes which now available at economical prices on Noon discount code Dubai.

The women in ancient times are not open to fashion as they are now. There is certain criteria and rules they all follow. The women of upper class and elites has an access to everything and can dress up in luxurious attires. The commoners dress up in different ways. Thus there are several clothes which bold and colorful enough to dress in any occasion. Here is the comprehensive list of clothes which capture your heart.

Slip-on Dress

The slip-on dress goes back to the era of the 90s when these forms of dresses were used as undergarments. They give you a glimpse of vintage undergarment clothes. The women in the past usually used it as undergarments and wore it with corsets and gowns. Then with the passage of time and the advancement of fashion women in search of something new make this dress. It has a beautiful charm with its timeless beauty. It is usually present in monochromatic colors. It is made up of silk and nylon which give it a feminine appeal. These slip-on dresses are half selves and decorated with strips like shoulders. They are usually body-fitted or light-fitted made-up silk giving it the most beautiful look. These dresses also come in different colors and printed designs. They are a lightweight and breathable piece of garment. Women usually pair it up with jackets and hoodies.

Pleated Pant Suits 

Pleated pant suits are derived from the coat suit with a little bit of twist. They have several bright colors that look super appealing and beautiful on every skin tone. These items of clothing are for the long run for sure. They should be handled with delicacy so as not to ruin the outfit. These pieces of garment do not need iron. These dresses are the perfect blend of color which is contrasting and gives a beautiful and mesmerizing outlook. The pleated pant trend has been going strong for a while as it looks good on every length. You can pair it up with t- a t-shirt, sweater, tank top much more.

These pants effortlessly give you an athletic vibe. It got booming business from street style and celebrities. It is super easy to achieve a casual yet professional look from it. It looks good for all body types from skinny to a little bit chubby.


C –Suites are the most contemporary style which breaks all traditional barriers by putting the women in suites. This fashion statement is also said to be the expression of women’s empowerment. The C-suites look extremely elegant and well-tailored. It has many sophisticated colors. They are very affordable and assist you for a very long time. People also accessorize it with scarves. You can go for a complete one-color look or go for contrasting colors. In c- c-suites you have the advantage of pulling more fashion-forward pieces. They allow you to layer up with more clothing as per your choice too.


A tracksuit is one of the most popular and comfy outfits for athletic men. For those who do low-jogging and high-intensity workouts, it’s a perfect choice for you. It is made up of silk, polyester, nylon, elastane, etc. It comes in different vibrant colors to uplift your mood for morning jogging. Its fabric is moisture-absorbing and washable.

This feature allows it to stay in its vibrant color and not get stained due to excessive preparation. It usually comes in a regular fit, fully zipped with a stand-up collar and ribbed cuffs and hem. It has raglan sleeves and an elastic waist with a draw cord. Its jacket has front pockets giving you a head-to-toe comfort style. It always keeps you fresh and dry and ready for work out.

Body con dress 

It is a stretchable piece of clothing that perfectly aligns with every type of physique. They are usually full sleeves with a round neck or turtle neck. It gives your body an hourglass-shaped outfit. You can pair these body-con dresses with statement jewelry and accessories. The pieces are skin-fit with a natural waistline. These dresses are also available in a variety of designs. . It is usually paired with a simple patterned t-shirt a plain white t-shirt or other color shirts and sweaters. These are some types of dress patterns that you would easily find while looking for dresses.

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