Bosch E17 Error Washing Machine: Troubleshooting and Solutions

Understanding the Bosch E17 Error Code

When your Bosch washing machine displays the E17 error code, it’s indicating a drainage problem. This error usually occurs due to a clog or blockage in the drainage system. The washing machine is unable to drain the water properly, leading to this error message.

Steps to Resolve the Bosch E17 Error

Check for Blockages in the Drainage Hose

Start by turning off the washing machine and unplugging it. Examine the drainage hose for any kinks or clogs. Clear out debris or obstructions that might hinder water flow. Once cleaned, reattach the hose securely.

Inspect the Drain Filter

Locate the drain filter, often situated at the bottom of the Bosch E17 Error Washing Machine. Place a shallow container beneath it to catch water spillage. Unscrew the filter cap, allowing any trapped water to drain. Remove debris, lint, or foreign objects from the filter.

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Verify the Drain Pump Impeller

The drain pump impeller can also accumulate debris, affecting its performance. Gain access to the pump and spin the impeller manually to check for smooth movement. Eliminate any blockages that hinder its rotation.

Examine the Drain Pump

Sometimes, the issue lies within the drain pump itself. If the pump is faulty, it might not efficiently expel water. Consult the washing machine manual to locate the pump and follow instructions to inspect and replace it if necessary.

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Preventing the Bosch E17 Error in the Future

Regular maintenance can prevent the recurrence of the E17 error. Here are some tips:

By following these guidelines, you can keep your Bosch washing machine running smoothly and avoid disruptions caused by the E17 error.

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